Dispatch – Live 18 (2019)

May 20th, 2019 by JC

Dispatch - Live 18

Genre: Indie/Rock/Folk
Country: USA


CD 1
01. Time Served
02. So Good
03. Open Up
04. Beto
05. Curse + Crush
06. Bang Bang
07. Skin The Rabbit
08. Rice Water
09. Uncle John’s Band
10. Only The Wild Ones
11. Bats In The Belfry

CD 2
01. Fallin’
02. Flag (Feat. Tim Snider)
03. Elias
04. Midnight Lorry
05. Painted Yellow Lines
06. Came For The Fire
07. The General
08. Outloud / Don’t Let Me Down (Feat. Raye Zaragoza, Nahko)
09. Letter To Lady J (Feat. Nahko And Medicine For The People, Raye Zaragoza)
10. Here We Go (Feat. Rashawn Ross)

[mp3 320kbps] rg tb zs uc

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  1. MacKenzie

    I’m sure you’re aware by now but if not a lot of your recent videos are not matching the albums/singles/posts.

  2. MacKenzie

    Weird, it must have been my browser or something. Never mind!

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